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Did you know AXiO offers home health services such as physiotherapy and home safety consultations for those with reduced autonomy? Contact the Montreal clinic to book an appointment or for further information.

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AXiO Health Clinic Montreal

Montreal - AXiO Health Clinic Montreal

Congratulations to the doctors of AXIO Health Group who are at the heart of the medical staff for the Montreal Alouettes Football Club, Grey Cup 2023 champions: Dr. Penny-Jane Baylis; Dr. Claudine Després; Dr Jason Ostroff; Dr Mickey Moroz; Dr Vincent J. Lacroix. AXiO is also pleased to welcome Dr Florence Couvrette, Dr. Bill Doulas and Dr. Patrick Merrett to our medical staff.

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AXiO Physiotherapy and Sport Medicine Clinic Montreal

Montreal - AXiO Physiotherapy and Sport Medicine Clinic Montreal

Led by an experienced elite-level interdisciplinary sport and musculoskeletal medicine team, AXiO Physiotherapy and Sport Medicine Clinic offers injury prevention, rehabilitation and return to activity programs to benefit individuals of all ages and all walks of life. Our group emphasizes health education and knowledge transfer to its clients, helping them reach their health and fitness goals at work, in sport and in the performing arts as well as in everyday life.

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