Sylvie Pelletier


Sylvie Pelletier

A graduate in physical activity and sports from the Université de Sherbrooke in 1989, Sylvie Pelletier continued her university training in Quebec City in physiotherapy, which she completed in 1992. Her continuing education began with manual therapy to reach level 3 (upper and lower limbs), followed by quadrant integration.

Subsequently, fascia caught her attention. Fascia integrated therapy, fascia and manual therapy as well as myofascial release are treatment techniques that she has acquired to integrate into her practice. The training she received on cranial manual therapy and on the temporo-mandibular joint allowed her to polish her expertise.

To deepen her global vision, she followed the complete GDS training relating to muscle and articular chains. Her extensive knowledge allows her to individualize her professional approach according to client needs, in a dynamic and friendly way.


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