Dr Patrick Merrett

Family physician- Montreal Downtown

Dr Patrick Merrett

Dr. Merrett completed his medical degree and residency training in Family Medicine at McGill University. He has had a broad exposure to different clinical settings since the beginning of his practice 15 years ago. He has worked in northern Quebec with the Inuit population, practiced hospitalist medicine on medical wards and intensive care units and has worked for many years in the perioperative clinic at the Montreal General Hospital. He currently practices in the inpatient unit at the Jewish General Hospital. He is an Assistant Professor of Medicine for the Department of Family Medicine of McGill University.

Dr. Merrett has a lifelong interest in sports and adventure travel. He is a former competitive cross-country skier and has obtained certification with the Coaching Association of Canada for cross-country skiing. He provides coaching and technical support for local clubs at provincial-level competitions with the eventual goal of supporting athletes at the national and international level. He is an avid white-water canoeist, mountain-biker, trail runner and backcountry skier and enjoys sharing his passion for the outdoors with his family.


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