Jean-Luc Géhant


Jean-Luc Géhant

Jean Luc has been with AXIO Health Group since 2013. He obtained his medical osteopathy degree from the ATMAN school in Paris and from the Collège d’Études Ostéopathiques (CEO) in Montreal. Jean Luc also holds an undergraduate degree in applied psychology.

Jean Luc was the first osteopath to work with a professional soccer team (1985-1988) and was a professor of osteopathy at the CEO from 1991-1994. He served as the osteopath to the elite Judo teams at Collège Stanislas and Collège Marie de France from 2002-2012. Jean Luc was the head Canadian delegate at the European Osteopath Federation parliament in Brussels from 2008-2013.

He is the president and founder of Osteopathy Quebec and his expertise includes all postural pathologies and problems with functional movement, the osteopathic aspects of concussions, ear nose and throat disorders as well as perinatal problems.


AXiO Physiotherapy and Sport Medicine Clinic Montreal