Dr Myriam Pâquet

Psychologist - Montreal downtown

Dr Myriam Pâquet

Dr Myriam Pâquet obtained her doctorate degree in clinical psychology from the University of Montreal in 2019. She also completed a post doctoral fellowship at the University of British Colombia where her research was concentrated on the role of stress on individual physical and mental health and on couples experiencing a variety of health problems and chronic pain. 

She specializes in the evaluation, management and prevention of chronic pain and the treatment of anxiety and depression. Dr Pâquet uses strategies that promote health and positive attitudes such as healthy life habits. She also has an expertise in the psychological treatment of genital and pelvic pain during sexual relations.

She practices psychotherapy using an integrative approach, inspired by cognitive behavioral therapies and interventions based on mindfulness allowing her to adapt according to the problem at hand. Her approaches are evidence-based and in keeping with the personal preferences of each patient.  She offers psychotherapy consultations on a variety of topics.



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