Dr Gaétan Drolet

Medical director / Family physician

Dr Gaétan Drolet

Dr. Drolet received the Gold Medal for having had the best academic record of his graduating class in kinanthropology at the University of Ottawa in 1989. He went on to receive his medical degree from the University of Montreal in 1994 and completed his degree in family medicine at Verdun Hospital in 1996.

Dr. Drolet has been involved with school sport in the Vaudreuil region for the last several years, in particular with football and flag football teams. A member of the Quebec Association of Sport Physicians he also oversees the medical coverage of many sport teams in the Vaudreuil-Soulanges and Valleyfield area.

Dr. Drolet has developed an expertise in concussion management and in the evaluation and follow up care of sport injuries in school age athletes. He also takes care of adults with sport injuries.


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